Final Reflection

I think that every digital literacy has a place in today’s world. This is a digital world that we currently live in, and it is only going to become more so. I see all electronic media as beneficial in there own way. From the business world to our own personal usage, social media can allow us to connect to everyone and everyone in the world. We can see every news story on Facebook and Twitter, while we chat with our close friends and colleagues. Podcasts, videos, blogs, and whatever else allows us to create a way to share our voice with the world. Websites can be used to portray businesses, musicians, bands, artists, photographers, and anyone else who wishes to share their passions with the world. The internet is our canvas to the paint any picture we wish through so many different ways. And the best part is that all of these digital literacies connect to one another. Links allow us to connect everything we’ve created together, so nothing can be missed by viewers. You can jump from a website to any social media, youtube account, or whatever else and vice versa. It’s a beautiful network of limitless possibilities.

Everything that I’ve created or helped create was a learning experience. I have the mind of a perfectionist, so I am not satisfied with anything I uploaded. I think that that doesn’t make everything I’ve uploaded bad, but there is always room for improvement. Looking back on my group video, I still think about fixing some one the final credits and a couple pictures uploaded as well. The Podcast needed a shorter final interview, and maybe a couple more interviews as well. My blogs were decent but could use much more work with links and captions. I did improve on those at the end, but I think I could try to make everything look more appealing to the audience. My website I was very passionate about making, and I think it looks pretty good. I see a few more details I wish to work out, but as I said previously there’s always room for improvement. I have grown much more confident in my skills as someone who is able to creatively use all digital literacies as we have, however I also see many more hours of work to perfect everything I’ve worked on.

The only way I see myself improving is by putting in as many hours as I can in producing and creating videos, music, and whatever else that interests me. I also prefer the idea of quality over quantity. For example, I would rather put out one amazing video compared to putting out ten mediocre ones. It is important to push yourself creatively. The more unique you are, the more you stand out. This is crucial for success in whatever you do. You always need to ask yourself, “What separates you from everyone else doing this?” When you find that answer, you know you are on the right track.

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No Freedom of Speech for Goblins

Who is Tyler the Creator?

Recently being banned from both the UK and Australia for the content in his music, Tyler, the Creator is a rapper who is well-known for speaking his mind explicitly. In some of his lyrics, he refers to himself as “Mr. I don’t give a f***”. It seemed that rappers were losing their sense of identity before Tyler came in with his hyper, goofy and wild personality. It was astounding how they all started to blend together with styles, sounds, and even fashion. But not Tyler. Always telling his fans to be themselves and to not worry about what others thought is one of the main reasons that made him great. That and his

Classic Tyler

Classic Tyler

outlandish personality. He’s the kind of person who would be making you laugh by bringing silly string or a nerf gun to an interview, and then also tell you he hates someone in the room or a someone’s song if he really felt that way. These personality traits are absolutely portrayed in his music. In both his mixtape “Bastard” and his debut album “Goblin”, his lyrics were known to be “Eminem level” controversial. In particular, he’s been accused of misogyny and homophobia. But thanks to his self-given title, it is obvious to everyone that he does not care. However, since then in both his 2013 album WOLF and his 2015 album CHERRYBOMB, he has used much less controversial themes in his songs. Yet, this year he was banned from Australia for 3-5 years.

Horrific Cover Art of Bastard

Horrific Cover Art of Bastard

What’s the Issue?

The group responsible for his visa being denied is called Collective Shout. They are a woman’s advocacy group who believe that Tyler’s lyrics should cause his tour in Australia to not exist. The issue that is presented here is that the lyrics they were so concerned about were from his 2009 mixtape Bastard. Were his lyrics misogynistic? Absolutely. His music is full of violence, rape, homophobic remarks, and other offensive content. But the key component this group has missed here is that Tyler has developed as an artist. Tyler does not actually want to hurt women or for other people to hurt women. At the beginning of his song “Radicals” off of his 2011 album Goblin, he state’s Random disclaimer: Hey, don’t do anything that I say in this song, okay? It’s f***in’ fiction. If anything happens, don’t f***in’ blame me, white America, f*** Bill O’Reilly. Also in his 2013 album WOLF, his last song is about going to see his grandma in the hospital right before she died. Also, Tyler has received a lot of flack from using homophobic words such as the word “fag” or “faggot”. However, he is best friends with Frank Ocean who happens to be

Tyler and Frank Chillin

Tyler and Frank

bisexual. They have collaborated on many songs together even when Tyler uses that term. He stated in an interview that “Fag is just another word. I don’t mean it as a term against homosexuals.” This latest tour was to promote his 2015 album CHERRYBOMBwhich contains no misogyny or hatred towards women. I feel as though this is not going to benefit Tyler or the cause that these women are fighting for. If anything, Tyler is just going to be aggravated by this and go back to using those lyrics. In the end, I see this as an infringement upon a freedom of speech and an attempt to put a damper on an artist who has become so much more than they portray him to be.

Tyler's Shows Are About As Wild As He Is

Tyler’s Shows Are About As Wild As He Is


The Beef Heard ‘Round the World

Drake vs. Meek Mill. The Hip-Hop feud that captured the attention of the entirety of the Hip-Hop community. It’s no exaggeration to say that when the word got out about this, everyone dropped everything and watched. Of course, at the end of any battle or argument there has to be a winner and loser. Like with Jay-Z and Nas, there can also be times where it’s difficult to interpret who really came out on top. This is not one of those times. By the end, this week-long quarrel was practically finished with one rapper’s career soaring higher than ever, while the other plummeted almost into extinction.

How It All Started

Meek Mill mad because Drake didn't tweet his album

Meek Mill mad because Drake didn’t tweet his album

In late July, a tweet from Meek Mill gets sent out claiming that Drake does not write his own raps. With Drake currently being the biggest name in rap right now, it’s no surprise this caused an eruption in fans all over the world. The internet exploded with people confused about how the artist who was able to captivate everyone’s emotions could possibly be fake. Meek Mill even named the man who allegedly ghost wrote Drake’s bars. Everyone held there breath for Drake to reply. However, it wasn’t Drake who replied first. It was actually the alleged ghost writer Quentin Miller. He went to complex and explained how he did not write Drake’s lines. In fact, he was in the studio with him but was only there to help spark some creativity and add his opinion to his writings. This was the best thing that could’ve happened for Drake. Now that the supposed ghost writer had claimed that the accusations were false, Drake could make his move.

The Diss Tracks

Back to Back cover art shows the Blue Jays winning against the Phillies for the second year in a row

Back to Back cover art shows the Blue Jays winning against the Phillies for the second year in a row. This is genius because Drake is from Toronto (Blue Jays) and Meek Mill is from Philadelphia (Phillies)

Charged Up“, Drake’s first diss track, is released and very well received. Meek Mill replies with only an instagram picture of how he’s going to the studio later to make his own. Four days later, Drake drops his second diss track “Back to Back Freestyle“. This one blows up and the fans start to rage over how good it is. The song was released as a single and was quickly on it’s way to being certified as platinum. This was a bold move for two reasons. First, he dropped a second diss track before Meek Mill even put one out. Second, he put

out a freestyle, which very much helped him when the feud started because he allegedly did not write his own raps. Meek Mill finally responded with his diss track “Wanna Know”. This was not well received. Everyone knew that Meek had lost at this point. But to put the final nail in the coffin, Drake decided to show everyone he absolutely is the king at his OVO festival. At this concert, memes making fun of Meek Mill were displayed on the screen behind Drake while he was performing. He even played his diss track “Back-to-Back” back to back. Meek Mill eventually took down his diss track.

The Aftermath

In the end, it was fairly obvious to everyone that Meek had lost this. There was no debate on who came out stronger because of this. Meek Mill had not only lost but his career is now in the dumps. Both his album and tour sales noticeably dropped after his twitter rant. His agents went on to say in an interview that he could not have done this at a worse time, and that his career was definitely in jeopardy. Drake, on the other hand, now has two singles that have brought him even more attention, which will be great for his upcoming album.

Final Thoughts

The last thing that’s important to point out is that Drake has always ignored beefs in the past. He even raps on the song “Successful” off of his first mixtape “Diss me, you’ll never hear a reply for it”. This is because Drake knows most rappers just want the attention they get from dissing others. However, this was not just a diss in my opinion. This was an attack on Drake as an artist. He went for his credibility not even for his skill as a rapper. When there is an artist such as Drake who is so personal and emotional with his writings, it is very important that he creates it himself. Drake did the right thing this time, and he arguably wrapped this beef up faster and better than anyone else has so far.

Drake ware that he's the biggest rapper in the world

Drake aware that he’s the biggest rapper in the world



Real Hip-Hop

N.W.A.'s Ice Cube

When you hear the word “rap”, what’s the first thing that pops in your head? Is it something you like? Is it something you perceive as vulgar or insensitive? Is it only something you think is fit for parties? For me, the word “rap” doesn’t just bring words such as “influential” and “powerful” to my head, but it also stirs up feelings inside of me. Music, like any form of art, is only special when it sparks an emotion and speaks to you in some way. In this blog, I plan on showing you the world of Hip-Hop through my eyes. I want to show people what rap music is really about, and how powerful it truly is. I am not saying that you have to like rap music because everyone is different when it comes to art , but I hope that you will appreciate it more after reading what I have to say.

Due to certain stereotypes, I’m probably the last person you would think loves the Hip-Hop/Rap genre. I’m a white kid who grew up in a moderately wealthy household with christian parents. My parents listened to all kinds of music such as classic rock, christian songs (including hymnals), country, and basically everything else except for rap. In my house, that was seen as something horribly explicit and very much not allowed. They would always say that rap music isn’t “really music”. Being a child, I of course, took their word for it and believed they were right. That was until I heard “Drop the World” by Lil Wayne when I was thirteen years old. Ironically, it was at a conference at my school describing how vulgar and inappropriate it was. Regardless, I realized that this was the greatest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. That night I downloaded the song to my iPod and changed the name so my parents wouldn’t recognize it. I kept adding to my ‘secret’ collection of rap songs, which included a lot of Eminem with “Til’ I Collapse” and his other massive hits. Eventually, they caught on and removed all the rap music I had. When I turned fifteen, my cousin showed me “Right Above It” by Lil Wayne. It was like a drug to me. I felt as thought I was actually addicted to it. I borrowed his iPod and probably listened to the song on repeat for a three weeks straight. After that, I downloaded every rap song my cousins had until my entire iTunes library was stacked with rap songs and artists. I was officially hooked.

I plan on bringing my readers through an eye-opening journey of Hip-Hop. For those who are unaware of what Hip-Hop stands for, I’m here to interpret everything. The influence and power rap has is not to be overlooked. It is a growing genre with new artists constantly on the rise. The variety of styles these rappers can bring is astounding. Believe me when I say that rap music is more than you ever thought it was or could be.


Police Harassement Not ‘Alright’

Protest for Ferguson Shooting

Police brutality connected with racism seems to be a topic that has come back up much more frequently this past year. The video of the Charleston shooting, the video of the African-American girl being unnecessarily knocked to the ground at a pool party, and of course the Fergusson case. These cases and many others catch the attention of many Hip-Hop artists ever since the rap industry started to rise. Reflecting back on the rap album “Straight Outta Compton”, it is fairly obvious that the N.W.A., was not a fan of police with their still popular song “F*** Tha Police”. That album was dropped in 1988, and now twenty-seven years later, a new artist emerges from Compton and brings back a similar message. Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp A Butterfly” is his latest album to date. In this new work, he decided to dive deep into the African-American culture with both the music and his message. His biggest hit off the album was the song “Alright”, which discusses police brutality among other social and personal issues.

Recently at a Police Brutality Protest, the protesters began to sing the hook of the song. So many people joining together to sing along and clap as the police surrounding them could do nothing but watch. It was honestly a beautiful moment of unity. The power of this song is incredible. The hook is so simple yet so rewarding to sing. We gon’ be alright is said over and over during the protest as they all clap their hands together in unison. However, the pre-hook is what makes the song so special when it comes to the protest when it states …and we hate po-po. Wanna kill us dead in the streets fo sho… This line is stating that the African-American community loathes the police because the police wants them dead. This is a very bold statement, but not a surprising one coming from the mouth of an artist who has never been scared to speak his mind on touchy topics.

The most common comment I hear about rap music is that it is very explicit. That it promotes violence and therefore causes more problems than it solves. In the end, music is very powerful and Hip-Hop has helped a whole culture to rise up and remember that they can overcome any amount of odds that they may be up against. Back in 1988 and even now in 2015, there will always be songs and anthems to remind people that it’s going to be ‘Alright’ in the end.

Alright Image 1

Editing Strategies

The audience is key. Everything depends on how the audience receives your message. Therefore conveying your intended message properly is key. Providing the appropriate structure and editing concisely is more than essential. Every detail must be reviewed and accounted for. When going through a particular story, it is important to read through it and search for any holes. The best way to do this is to print a hard copy and then proceed to read it aloud. Go through the story at least twice to provide the most accuracy. When researching it is best to do four things: be brief, complete, clear, and proactive. This is the best way to obtain the most valuable and necessary information for your story to give to your viewers. Using tools such as your header, sub-titles and anything else is also key for your success as an online blogger. No detail is to be left unnoticed.